• Construction

    Club House, hotel, office, shop, apartment, home interior design, construction and supervision; custom-made furniture design, manufacture and installation.

  • Interior Design

    Design and execution of interior design projects for foreign invested hotels, offices shops and residences. Experience with local material and technology enables us to offer high quality at low prices.

  • Office furniture

    Import material for interior design. Import construction hard ware (wood, veneer, curtain fabric, etc.) and office equipment. Export of custom-made



Our Partners

  1. ITOKI

Projects (Office in Hanoi)

  1. Goshi-Thanglong Auto-Parts Co., Ltd

    Client name: Goshi-Thanglong Auto-Parts Co., Ltd

    Location: Factory Offices
    Completed: 2009

  2. US Embassy

    Client name: US Embassy

    Project name: ITOKI (Thailand) Corp.
    Completed: 2009


    Client name: VJCC HCM

    Completed: 2009

  4. Singapore Embassy

    Client name: Singapore Embassy

    Project name: Prime Construction & Trading Co., Ltd.
    Type of service: Office furniture
    Completed: 2009

  5. Takachiho Electric Co., Ltd

    Client name: Takachiho Electric Co., Ltd

    Location: V-Tower
    Completed: 2008

  6. Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd

    Client name: Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd

    Location: Melia Tower
    Project name: ITOKI (Thailand) Corp
    Completed: 2008

  7. Marubeni Co

    Client name: Marubeni Co

    Location: Sun City Building
    Type of service: Office furniture
    Completed: 2008

  8. Nagoya University.

    Client name: Nagoya University.

    Type of service: Office furniture
    Completed: 2008

  9. BIP Systems Co.

    Client name: BIP Systems Co.

    Completed: 2008

  10. Itochu Co

    Client name: Itochu Co

    Project name: Taisei Corp.
    Completed: 2008